Safer Recruitment Policy

Staying Safe

Define job roles and job specification/volunteer role profile:

  • Ensure job roles and job specifications are clear
  • Include skills, abilities, experience, behaviours and values towards children
  • Set boundaries of role expectations
  • Include statements about safeguarding responsibilities


  • State the need of CRB disclosure

Application forms;

  • Do not rely on C.V.’s
  • Personal details including date of birth

(voluntary info)

Present employment and reason for leaving

  • Full history since leaving school
  • Qualifications
  • Referees
  • Personal statement to meet person specification
  • Signed declaration about criminal
  • Signed declaration that all information is true working in their household.


  • Agree short listing process on person specification and job description
  • At least 2 people present during interview
  • Relevant questions to job vacancy
  • Same questions to all candidates
  • Ensure application form is complete
  • Check all information on application form and identify inconsistencies
  • Highlight gaps- ask questions
  • Ask about attitudes towards children and child protection
  • Ask about motives for working with children
  • Document decisions clearly


  • References from previous/current  employers
  • Telephone references- ask about behaviour towards children, any behaviour which may give rise for concern
  • Any pending disciplinaries
  • Scrutinise references

Safer selection:

  • Use range of interviewing tools
  • Inform candidate they will be spending some time in the room and what they will be required to do
  • Watch for appropriate involvement with children


  • Use scoring system on job specification in selection
  • Justify why someone is suitable
  • Offers can be made pending outcomes of references and checks

The Childcare (Disqualification) Regulations 2007 require Positive Steps Nursery to inform OFSTED of any court order, determination or conviction or any other grounds for disqualification from registration applying to themselves or any other person living or

Bichard Inquiry Report, 2004:

“For those agencies whose job it is to protect children and vulnerable people, the harsh reality is that if a sufficiently devious person is determined to seek out opportunities to work their evil, no one can guarantee that they will be stopped. Our task is to make it as difficult as possible for them to succeed…..”