Positive Steps Guildford opened in April 2011 and is a purpose built nursery, situated close to Guildford town centre, with access to the main line train stations and the A3/M25. The Nursery is managed by Jackie Gumbs and is one that commits itself to the development of children in a home from home environment.

The Nursery has specifically designed rooms to encourage child development and to meet the needs of the individual age groups. Within this safe environment the children can properly explore and question their surroundings. The  Pre-school rooms have an lT study area.

The security of our children is of the highest importance, with CCTV in all rooms and a secure video door entry system ensuring parents have peace of mind that their children are being cared for in a safe environment. The Nursery is fully air conditioned and has its own private parking.

The spacious outdoor play area incorporates astroturf, comprehensive climbing apparatus and a sensory garden. We also actively encourage visit and trips to places of interest.

Our nursery is registered with Ofsted and inspected to ensure we meet the education requirements of the Government’s Early Learning Goals. We are only too pleased to discuss your particular requirements and extend an open invitation for you to call or visit.

Please contact our Nursery Manager on 01483 569112 more information on prices and availability.

Positive Steps Nursery is dedicated to providing the finest quality childcare and education for children aged from 3 months to 5 years. We offer full and half day sessions at competitive rates. The Nursery offers light and airy rooms with staff who are dedicated to providing a safe and stimulating environment for all of the children within our care.

With our excellent facility and devoted staff we are able to offer the children an environment where they will grow and learn. Our staff will support each child as an individual and ensure that all children are giving the opportunity to develop at their own pace.





Our staff encourages enthusiasm, good manners, independence and consideration for others from the children in our care. Each child receives the individual attention he or she needs to develop new skills and interests, discovering that learning is an exciting and fun experience.

Positive Steps Nursery is a caring and secure environment where children enjoy the friendship of others, have a happy and rewarding time reaching their full potential through praise and encouragement.

Each week the children in our nursery have the opportunity to be involved in Educational Learning programmes that are specifically designed and selected for their age and developmental stage. We currently have 15 Educational Learning programmes which include Babbling Babies, Super Sensory, Getting Arty, Nrich Mathematics, Fingers and Thumbs, Jamie Oliver Kitchen Garden Project and much more.

Our Educational Learning Programmes have been put together by Early Years Practitioners, Speech and Language therapists, Steering groups and many other professionals. The programmes are layered with fun and exciting opportunities for the children to communicate, playing and interacting, learning to listen, be expressive, develop fine and gross motor skills, problem -solve, analyse and increase their knowledge in many ways.

Our children enjoy being healthy, active and outside. Our garden offers a rich, multi-sensory environment that is meaningful and stimulating for all our families, providing them with 'real' experiences that help embed their early learning. Children are by nature experiemental learners and we know that playing out is an integral part of their growth and development. Our outdoors is exciting, engaging and fun to enable children to experience eagerness to be outside and be ready to learn from the 'real' play experiences we provide.

Being outside gives the children first-hand contact with weather, seasons and the natural world, encouraging all aspects of children's development because it has such a positive impact on their mental health and sense of well-being. Playing outside in open spaces offers children opportunities for doing different things in different ways and on different scales to indoors. Our outdoor environment gives children the freedom to explore and use all their senses, and encourages them to be physically active and exhuberant and to let off steam.

Children are able to venture outside throughout the day at Positive Steps and play physically becoming more imaginative, realistic and progressive. These experiences are the most memorable of all experiences and helps the children to make sence of the world around them by linking feelings with the learning that takes place. Direct experiences is a powerfull tool for achievment and maximises their potential for learning.

Children learn to navigate between real and imaginary worlds while learning differences between them. We believe that creative outdoor play gives the children the opportunity to use their imaginations, which helps to promote original thinking, flexibility, adaptability, empathy and the ability to generate multiple solutions to a problem.

Our garden is a safe, stimulating area for children where they are given the opportunity to strengthen their bodies and their minds at the same time as developing a sense of accomplishment and independence. 

We also now have : 

- Separate entrance for Preschool
- Transition and Starter nights for parents
- Harry the Holiday Bear
- On site buggy/car seat storage
- Links to local schools with excellent opportunities to private schools
- On site chef
- Lending Library
- Milo the hamster
- Parent room