Jamie Oliver - Kitchen Garden Project

Positive Steps is currently working with Jamie Oliver on The Kitchen Garden Project

Positive Steps Shellingford are really excited to announce that from September 2012 we will start a school project working alongside the Jamie Oliver Kitchen Garden Project.

We were lucky enough to secure a 1 in 10million place of being part of an exciting new project that will help teach the children at Positive Steps Nursery and Shellingford Primary School where food comes from.

What it's all about

The Jamie Oliver's Kitchen Garden Project

We're cooking up a new food education programme for primary school children. We'll help schools build the facilities and provide the training and resources they need to teach children the joys of growing and cooking their own food, in the hope of planting a seed for positive eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Linked to the curriculum, Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden Project will arm children with the skills they need to prepare meals from scratch and the knowledge to make better food choices for themselves and their future families.

For more information you can visit the Jamie Oliver Kitchen garden website here.