Imaginatively Planned Activities

Babies - Staff encourage babies to explore the world of colour, shape and texture and help them in their first steps towards language development. With the exploration of heuristic play baskets and access to tactile activities, our babies are offered a stimulating experience from the moment they arrive.

Older Babies - Walking and talking opens up a new world with the discovery of new sounds and objects. Drawing and experimenting with paint, sand, water and learning to share is encouraged. There will be opportunities for the exploration of ride on toys and construction and we encourage children to develop a love for books, stories and playing musical instruments.

Toddlers - With a vast range of activities and in the company of their friends, children begin to learn independence and increase their knowledge of the world around them. Painting, singing, memory games, numbers and letters are introduced to form the foundation for Pre-school.

Preschool - Within the pre-school age group a child’s concentration increases and they are ready to respond to the challenge of teamwork and group interaction. Activities are organised to allow children choice. They are given time to explore whilst being.