Key Person System

How can I find out how my child is getting on?

Our staff have the maturity and instinctive warmth to form close links with you and your child. With our ‘Key Person’ policy, the links between home and Nursery are actively encouraged to ensure good communication between parents and the staff within the Nursery ensuring that your child’s individual needs are fully nurtured. It is important that you and the professionals caring for your child work together. You need to feel comfortable about exchanging information and discussing things that will benefit your child.

These conversations will either need to be with your childminder or, in a larger setting like a nursery, with your child’s “key person”.

This is the person who:

  • Is your main point of contact within the setting
  • Helps your child to become settled, happy and safe
  • Is responsible for your child’s care, development and learning
  • Takes a careful note of your child’s progress, sharing this with you and giving you ideas as to how to help your child at home

You are able to get information about your child’s development at any time and there are two stages (at age 2, and again at age 5) when our Nursery Practitioners caring for your child will provide you with written information about how he or she is doing.